1) What did Taylor Swift´s grandmother? a) She was  lawyer b) She was an opera singer c) She was journalist 2) When Taylor Swift released her first album? a) 2006 b) 2008 c) 2005 d) 2010 3) What web platform is used to download music? a) Instagram b) Twitter c) Spotify 4) Who opened the Sydney Open House? a) Elizabeth II b) Donald Trump c) Mauricio Macri 5) What is happened every year in the Sydney Open House? a) Fireworks are thrown for an hour b) More than 1.500 performances are attended by about two million people c) The Queen donated food for all the people 6) Where is located the Sydney Open House? a) In Australia b) In USA c) In Italy 7) When the beatles band was formed? a) 1959 b) 1961 c) 1960 8) Why McCarteney started playing guitar? a) His father encouraged he b) His friend encouraged he c) His Uncle encouraged he 9) When Jhon Lennon´s father left the family? a) When he was 10 b) When he was 5 c) When he was 8 10) When Jhon Lennon was born?  a) 1940 b) 1943 c) 1945

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