ACROSS - He often CAME ________ as over-confident when in difficult situations, but I knew it was because he was trying to compensate for his shyness., WHIM - She has always been very spontaneous and it's not unusual for her to go off travelling ON A _______., WAY - She was so used to GETTING her OWN ________ that when he refused to comply with her wishes, she was lost for words., EXPECTATIONS - His parents always HAD such HIGH ________ of him and I think he must've felt under a lot of pressure., RUBBED - Although she never meant to, she often _________ people UP THE WRONG WAY, causing them to become irritated or angry., FUN - They've always BEEN GOOD ________ to be around and I guess that's why they're so popular., SAW - They were polar opposites and never _______ EYE TO EYE on anything., HEART - He HAD his _________ SET on travelling to New Zealand to visit his cousins and after working hard to put the money aside for the trip, he had enough to pay for the ticket., CLOSE - After the accident, they became very ________ and often spent their weekends together., KEEP - He has always been quite reclusive and likes very much to ________ HIMSELF TO HIMSELF., LOOKED - Until that point they had _______ UP to him and held him in very high regard., TOOK - When I said she _______ AFTER her mother, it was clear from her expression that she didn't see it as the compliment I intended it to be., TOLD - He was a very well-behaved child and always did exactly as he was _______., RUN - Good looks and a great sense of humour seem to _______ IN his FAMILY.,





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