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Self-belief - Confidence in oneself and one’s capability, arising from past experience, Self-control - Ability to forgo, voluntarily, short-term temptations, impulses or diversions in order to prioritise higher goals and activities , Perseverance - A set of attributes including effort, persistence attention, focus, grit and a commitment to long-term goals, Resilience - The ability to adapt to challenges and seek growth in them, as well as bouncing back from setbacks, Curiosity - A strong desire to know and learn, coupled with an openness to experiences, Empathy - Being able to walk in another’s shoes, identifying with and understanding their feelings and views, Creativity - The production and development of new and useful ideas, often collaboratively , Craftsmanship - Pride in a job well done, along with an ethic of excellence,

Cultivating a Positive Mind-Set


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