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open to peoples opinions, I PROMISE THAT I WILL RESPECT OTHERS AND THEIR THINGS, be nice, we promise not to be too techy, to arrive on time, I PROMISE TO BRING CHOCOLATE TO MOST SESSIONS , be punctual , We Will Listen, even workloads, CHOCOLATE WAS JODIE NOT ME, encourage others, i promise to provide something, ting go skrrraaaa, work to the b, I PROMISE TO HELP YOU UNDERDTAND, i, chrome for the win , If something doesnt work then try to fix it or find a replacement, we will try to understand the work, no pushups please, let you know, I promise to try everything, i promise to say when i dont understand things, let thania know when we dont understand, thania to promise no excessive workouts.

Group Promises

Created bythaniaacaron

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