1) At the beginning of the video, how did Selena feel? a) Nervous b) Exciting c) Ashamed 2) In her 2007 style, how did she think about her fashion at that moment?  a) Friendly b) Cool c) Disgusting 3) When Selena was younger, who did dress and makeup her? a) A famous designer b) Her mother c) Herself 4) Which was the name of her 2011 song? a) "Love You Like A Love Song" b) "Who Says" c) "When The Sun Goes On" 5) With which person of her family did she get an argument about her video song style?  a) Grandpa b) Stepdad c) Stepmom 6) How old she was in her Videoclip "Love You Like A Love Song"? a) Sixteen years old b) Seventeen years old c) Eighteen years old 7) Who did inspire Selena in her early pop star fashion? a) Taylor Swift b) Ariana Grande c) Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez’s early pop-star fashion




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