1) What day is today? a) Today is Tuesday. b) Today is Wednesday. c) Today is Thursday. 2) What is our color of the day? a) Green b) Pink c) Orange 3) What is our number of the day? a) One b) Eight c) Seven 4) Which picture begins with Ee sound? a) astronaut b) drum c) elephant 5) What is our letter of the week? a) Letter Aa b) Letter Ff c) Letter Ee 6) It is an elephant. a) dog b) cow c) elephant 7) It is an eggplant. a) carrot b) squash c) eggplant 8) It is an egg. a) Egg b) Octopus c) eagle 9) It is number eleven. a) one b) eleven c) twelve 10) It is my ear. a) nose b) head c) Ear 11) It is an envelope. a) envelope b) book c) pen 12) It is my elbow. a) leg b) arm c) elbow 13) It is an elf. a) giant b) boy c) elf 14) It is the earth. a) starfish b) earth c) seahorse 15) It is my eraser. a) eraser b) pencil c) crayon

Tuesday Class Activity




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