Object Line - A line that represents a visible surface in that view., Dimension - A line with arrows at both ends or at 1 end that tells the length, width, depth, radius, or diameter of a particular surface., Drawing Scale - This indicates the how the drawing's views are sized in relation to the actual object being built., Hidden Line - These "dashed" lines represent a hidden surface in the view where they appear., Cutting Plane Line - This line shows the part builder where a Section View is generated from., Orthographic View - These are the standard views shown on all Engineering Drawings and consist of the Top, Front, and Right Side views., Phantom Line - These lines represent where 2 surfaces would come together if they were not radiused., Section View - These Views are used to show surfaces and features that may be difficult to see or understand in an Orthographic View., Auxiliary View - This view is used to look at a surface that is angled and may not clearly depict all the surfaces features on the Orthographic Views. The Auxiliary View is viewed perpendicular to the surface it is showing., Cross Hatching - These lines appear in a Section View and depict material that is being cut through according to the Cutting Plane Line, Radius - a Radius is the dimension of a circular object from it's curved surface to it's center point from where the curved surface is generated., Title Block - Title Blocks are used on Engineering Drawings to give the user basic information about the drawing. Such as part name, drawing scale, material, who created the drawing, and approvals among other things. Thay generally appear in the bottom righthand corner of the drawing., Diameter - This is the dimension of a circular object that extends from one side of a circle, through it's center point, and extends directly to the opposite side of the circle., Ellipse - An Ellipse depicts a circular object viewed from a particular angle., Revision Block - Normally located in the upper right corner of the drawing. It is a documented history of the revisions made to the drawing to correct past errors or improvement to the design of the part.,





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