Antarctica - Continent where the ice shelf split away from the mainland, Jason - What is the name of the youngest member of Jack's team that operated the drill?, India - Which country held the Global Climate Conference, Hail - What killed the policeman and several others in Tokyo?, Hollywood - What famous sign was destroyed in Los Angeles , Porsche - What car was the scientist driving when he got crushed by a bus?, Sun - What is the 'only force strong enough' to affect global weather?, Salt - Fresh water and _____ water must be in delicate balance, Royal - Which famous family were killed in a helicopter crash in Scotland, Taxi - Laura's leg got infected after cutting it on what type of car?, Three - How many 'super storms' were there?, Library - What type of building does Sam and his friends stay in, Twelve - How many years old is the bottle of Scotch the Professor opens?, Wolves - What animals were chasing the boys on the ship?, Garbage - Where did the homeless man with the dog say they could find more food?, Pets - What was the 3rd thing that wasn't allowed in the library?, Froze - What happened to the fuel in the helicopters to make them crash?, Ten - How many days was Sam and his Dad stuck in a boat in Greenland?, ManchesterUnited - Which football team did the Hedland Centre make a 'toast' to?, Mexico - Which country let American citizens across its border?,

The Day After Tomorrow Movie Crossword




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