1) What is agriculture?  a) Part of society such as beliefs, way of life, or art. b) It is farming and the methods that are used to raise and look after crops and animals. c) A group of bacteria or cells which are grown, usually in a laboratory 2) What is the Summer Solstice? a) The longest day of the year. b) The last day of the year. c) The shortest day of the year. 3) Weather conditions in an area is also known as... a) tsunami  b) climate c) rain 4) What are megaliths? a) Large prehistoric animals b) Stones used to make sharp tools.  c) Stones of great size, especially one forming part of a prehistoric monument. 5) When was the Neolithic era? a) The middle Stone Age period b) The last period of the Stone Age. c) The first period of the Stone Age. 6) What happened to Doggerland? a) It was flooded. b) It never existed. c) It melted. 7) What is communication? a) It is the sharing of information, ideas, or feelings b) It is large groups of people living together in one location. c) It is something new that is created or implemented for the first time. 8) When was the Palaeolithic era? a) The middle of the Stone Age. b) The final Stone Age era. c) The earliest Stone Age erea.  9) What happened to Cheddar Man? a) He suffered a violent death. b) He was eaten by a mastodon. c) He made cheese in the Stone Age.




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