timeless - That song stands out as a _____ classic., right - I need someone to help me ____away!, astonished - They looked ______when I announced I was pregnant., awkward - I always feel _____ when I'm with Chris - he's so difficult to talk to., throughout - We'll update you on this news story _____ the day., afterwards - We had tea, and ______ we sat in the garden for a while., eternal - They swore ______ loyalty to each other., good - She says she’s leaving him for _____., permanent - She is looking for a _______ place to stay., being - For the time ____, our business isn't going that well., dull - At first, I thought that the film was ____, but then it got interesting., destined - I'm convinced that this guy is ______ to succeed. , regret - I _____ not listening to my parents advice., compelling - I would need a very _____reason to resign form my job., during - I fell asleep _____ this dull film!, once - I went sailing _____, but I didn't like it.,





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