1) The Philippines is an archipelago which consists of how many islands? a) 7,107 b) 7,641 c) 7,508 d) 7,012 2) When is the Philippine Independence Day? a) January 12 b) June 18 c) June 12 d) July 16 3) Which is the predominant religion in the Philippines? a) Islam b) Buddhism c) Christian d) Judaism 4) It is known for it's perfect cone shaped volcano in Albay. a) Mt. Mayon b) Taal Volcano c) Mt. Pinatubo d) Mt. Apo 5) Which city is known as the "walled city"? a) Rizal Park b) Intramuros c) Malolos d) Makati 6) Who discovered the Philippines in March 1521? a) Miguel Lopez de Legaspi b) Gen. Douglas MacArthur c) Jose Rizal d) Ferdinand Magellan 7) Who is our National Hero? a) Jose Protacio Rizal b) Andre Bonifacio c) Marcelo H. Del Pilar d) Emilio Aguinaldo 8) Where can you see the famous "Chocolate Hills"? a) Palawan b) Bohol c) Davao d) Camiguin 9) Which of the following is our National Flag? a) b) c) d) 10) Which of the following is our National Fruit? a) b) c) d)




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