1) Where was the first photo taken? a) France b) Italy c) Japan 2) When was the Mona Lisa painted? a) 1903 b) 1726 c) 1540 3) Where is the most vodka drunk? a) Scotland b) Russia c) Poland 4) When were the first cigarettes produced? a) 17th century b) 18th century c) 19th century 5) Where was Elvis Presley buried? a) Heartbreak Hotel b) The White House c) Graceland 6) When was radioactivity discovered? a) 1426 b) 1898 c) 1944 7) Where are oranges grown? a) Florida b) Arizona c) Washington 8) Where was JF Kennedy shot? a) New York b) Washington c) Dallas 9) What is butter made from? a) olives b) milk c) cheese

Passive Voice / Headway Quiz 2




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