Plasma membrane - The memranes around and within all cells, which have the same basic strucutre, Phospholipid - A triglyceride in which one of the 3 fatty acid molecules is replaced by a phosphate molecule., Hydrophilic - Water loving, Hydrophobic - Water hating, Protein channel - Pores in the membrane for charged particles., Carrier Proteins - Move large molecules into or out of a cell down a concentration gradient, Cholesterol - Occurs in the bilayer and adds strength and prevent the loss of water and dissolved ions., Glycolipids - These are made of a carbohydrate bonded to a lipid. Important in recoginition, stability and attachement., Glycoproteins - Made of a carbohydrate attached to a protein. Helps with recoginition and attachement., Fluid-mosaic model - Used to to explain how all the various molecules of a cell membrane are combined together.,

A Level Biology Chapter 4- 4.1




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