Diffusion - The net mvoement of molecules or ions from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration, until they are evenly distributed, Facilitated diffusion - Diffusion of molecules or ions through protein channels or carrier proteins., Osmosis - The passage of water from a region of higher water potential to a region of lower water potential through a selectively permeable membrane., Water potential - The pressure created by water molecules, usually measured in kPa, Kinetic energy - Energy that an object has due to its motion., Turgid - A plant cell that contains the maximum volume of water it can., Incipient plasmolysis - The protoplast begins to pull away from the cell wall., Plasmolysed - The protoplast has completely pulled away from the cell wall., Active transport - The movement of molecules or ions into or out of cell from a region of low concentration to a region of high concentraion using ATP., Concentration gradient - A difference in chemical concentration between 2 places, usually 2 different sides of a membrane., Co-transport - Where 1 molecules is transported into or out of a cell coupled with another molecule. This method over comes the limitations using diffusion to transport materials.,

A Level Biology Chapter 4- 4.2-4.5




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