1) Ana is my daughter’s daughter. She’s my: a) granddaughter  b) great granddaughter  2) I was married to Jacob. He’s my: a) ex-husband  b) late-husband  3) We all __________ my friend Jack with gifts on his birthday. a) spolit b) showered 4) After dinner, Mark stood at the head of the table, raised his glass and __________ a toast. a) made b) proposed 5) Karen had the __________ of her life at the funfair. a) time b) highlight 6) When we finally landed, the plane __________ for fourteen hours. a) had been flying b) had flown 7) Meredith and Derek __________ together for twenty years when they finally got married. a) had lived b) had been living 8) Earlier that night, Maggie _________ out of the house without waking his parents. a) had been sneaking b) had sneaked 9) Before he was finally caught, the thief __________ on several occasions. a) had been stealing b) had stolen 10) My dad __________ for hours when the house got broken into. a) had been sleeping b) had slept 11) Cristina accepted the invitation to the wedding, __________ made his ex-boyfriend nervous. a) which b) that 12) I came across April, __________ brother used to be my classmate. a) who b) whose 13) Would you like to meet the friend __________ I told you about yesterday? a) that b) who 14) Here are some pictures of Spain, __________ I went for an ex-change last year. a) where b) which 15) I can´t find my wallet, __________ is a complete disaster. a) which b) that

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