1) Apple is a noun word. a) true b) false 2) Riya is running. The noun word is - a) Riya b) running 3) Elephant and ball are both nouns a) false b) true 4) Mother made a cake. There are __ noun words in the sentence. a) 3 b) 2 5) I am a good dancer. Dancer is a noun. It names a ____. a) person b) place c) animal d) thing 6) The cat is sleeping on a mat. The noun words are ____ and ____. a) sleeping, on b) cat, on c) mat is d) cat , mat 7) are noun words that name ___ a) things b) persons 8) Names of fruits and vegetables are noun words as they name ____. a) places b) things 9) Park is a noun word that names a ___ a) place b) person c) thing




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