1) ________ is she doing? - She is brushing her teeth. a) When b) What c) Why d) How 2) ________ is reading the book? - Dad is reading the book. a) When b) How often c) Who d) Where 3) ________ are the children? - They are on the beach. a) Where b) How much c) When d) What 4) ________ is singing? - Bob is singing. a) What b) When c) Where d) Who 5) ________ does your dad drive? - He drives carefully. a) What b) When c) How d) Why 6) ________ is he sad? - Because he is sick. a) When b) How c) Where d) Why 7) ________ one do you want to buy? - I want to buy the t-shirt. a) How much b) Which c) Why d) Who 8) ________ do you plat tennis? - I play tennis everyday! a) Who b) What c) How often d) Where 9) ________ is the teacher? - She is in the class. a) Why b) How many c) When d) Where




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