It was really boring. I fell asleep during the first act. - What did you think of the play?, I didn't like his first one, but I couldn't put his latest one down until the last page. - Do you like Malcolm Baker's novels?, It was fabulous. Have you seen it yet? It stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. - Did you like the film?, She's usually good, but I don't think she was good for this part. - What did you think of Angelina Jollie?, I think they spoil them. They always give them whatever they want. - What do you think of their children?, It was a nice break, but the weather wasn't very good. - What was your holiday like?, They were delicious. John had tomato and mozzarella and I had tuna and sweetcorn. - Did you like your pizzas?, It was really exciting, especially when David Stuart scored in the closing minutes. - What was the match like?,

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