1) I __________ the rope a) Jump b) Jumps c) Don't d) Jumping 2) They _________ soccer a) plays b) doesn't play c) play d) don't play 3) She _________ every afternoon a) sleeps b) sleep c) sleeping d) don't sleep 4) He _________ eat broccoli a) does eat b) don't eat c) doesn't eat d) eating 5) Rapunzel _________ this a) Knit b) Knits c) don't knit 6) When can you use the present simple? a) At night b) When you talk about this moment c) When you talk about routines and habits 7) What does Sponge Bob Square Pants do? a) He doesn't works at the Crusty Crab b) He works at the Crusty Crab c) He work at the Crusty Crab 8) What does Harry Styles do? a) he sings, he performs  b) he sing, he perform c) he is singing, making tik tok and perfoming 9) Karla... a) mark her pendings, use her markers in her notes b) is marking her pendings and using her markers in her notes c) marks her pendings, uses her markers in her notes 10) Billie Eilish... a) designs clothes, sing song, post pictures b) designs clothes, sings songs and posts pictures c) design clothes, singing songs, posting... 11) You _________ videogames in Roblox a) play b) plays c) are playing 12) You __________ understand the topic a) don't b) doesn't c) not understand 13) We _____________ have homework a) doesn't b) don't c) not have 14) It _____________ whiskers a) has b) have c) doesn't have 15) We _____________ a car a) have b) has c) have not 16) We _____________ the activity a) understands b) understand c) not understand 17) What of these examples is one example of a daily routine? a) Do the exams only for 2 days b) Brush my teeth c) Watch videos once a week.  18) Which of these examples is correct? a) I not take a shower b) I do not take a shower c) They doesn't take a shower 19) Which of these examples is correct? a) She do not pay bills b) She does not pay the bills c) She not pay the bills 20) Which of these examples is correct? a) She eating a banana b) She eat a banana c) She eats a banana





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