1) Why was she unable to get closer to her already existing friends? a) she didn't like her friends b) her friends are not understanding c) she can't bring herself to talk about personal stuff 2) On which date did Anne record the incident in Mr Keesing's class in her diary? a) 12 June, 1942 b) 21 June, 1942 c) 20 June, 1942 3) What was the special occasion on June 12th? a) the day she died b) Ann's birthday c) Margot's birthday 4) Which topic was she to write an essay on as a part of her punishment? a) Quack,Quack,Quack,said Mistress Chatterbox b) An incorrigible chatterbox and A Chatterbox c) All the above 5) Why did she not want to give a brief in the diary at first? a) she didn't want to be formal b) she wanted the diary to be her real friend c) both A and B 6) What would the kids bet about in class? a) who is more talkative b) who would pass the class c) football matches 7) When did and father moved to Holland? a) 1933 b) 1941 c) 1929 8) When did Ann start writing her diary?  a) July 1942 b) January 1942 c) September 1942 9) When was the diary given to Ann? a) 12th birthday b) 13th birthday c) 14th birthday 10) What language was the diary originally written?  a) English b) Dutch c) French 11) Anne’s father was thirty six year old when a) she was born b) He got married c) He was jailed 12) C.N and Jacques staked their entire holiday savings a) On picnics b) On their bet c) On food 13) How many teachers did and have?  a) 9 teachers b) 5 teachers c) 12 teachers 14) How many pages did Ann write which were assigned to her?  a) 5 b) 10 c) 3

the Diary of Anne Frank GROUP 1




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