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Oslo - Modern capital of Norway, Fjords - Long inlets created during the Ice Age, Islands - Denmark has many of these, Baltic - Sea to the east of Sweden, Iceland - A country the Vikings settled in, part of Scandinavia, ArcticCircle - Northern parts of Norway and Sweden are in the , Sailors - The geography of Scandinavia explains why the Vikings had to learn to become good, Lakes - Viking settlements in Sweden grew on the shores of two great, Ivory - In the cold north Vikings hunted walruses for their, Mountains - Norway has many of these, Denmark - Has the mildest climate of the Scandinavian countries, Reindeer - A land animal with antlers found in Scandinavia, Copenhagen - Modern capital of Denmark, Forests - A thousand years ago Sweden was covered in thick, Sweden - Stockholm is the modern capital of, Fertile - This word means the soil is good for growing crops, Glacier - A huge very slow moving sheet of ice, Two - Norway's coastline is _ _ _ thousand miles long, Boats - Scandinavia's geography explains why the Vikings had to learn to build , Farmland - As the Viking population grew there was not enough good,

Vikings: Geography of Scandinavia crossword


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