mRNA - A smal single stranded RNA molecules that is able to leave the nucleus, Codon - A sequence of 3 adjacent nucleotides in mRNA that codes for 1 amino acid, Genome - The complete set of genes in cell, including those in mitochondira and chloroplasts, Proteome - The full range of proteins produced by the genome., Pentose sugar - A sugar that possesses 5 carbond atoms e.g. ribose and deoxyribose, tRNA - Small molecule made up of 80 nucleotides, it is single stranded and shaped like a clover leaf, Anticodon - A sequece of 3 adjacent nucleotides on a molecule of tRNA that is complementary to a particular codon., Transcription - The process of copying a short section of DN, Translation - The process of forming a polypeptide chain from the code on mRNA, Tempate strand - The DNA strand that is used to create mRNA, Pre mRNA - This is formed after transcription and contains introns and exons, Splicing - The process of removing introns from pre-mRNA, Peptide bond - A chemical bond formed between 2 amino acids during a condensation reaction.,

A level Biology Chapter 8- 8.3,8.4,8.5





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