Species diversity - The number of different species and the number of individuals of each species within anyone community., Genetic diversity - The variety of genes possessed by the individuals that make up a population of a species., Species richness - The number of different species in a particular area at a given time., Ecosystem diversity - The range of differen habitats from a small local habitat to the whole of the Earth, Biodiversity - The range of vareity of gens, species and habitats within a particular region., Community - All the living organisms present in an ecosystem at a given time, Ecosystem - All the living and nonliving components of a particular area, Biomass - The total mass of living material, normally measured in a specific area over a given perioid of time., Habitat - The place where an organism normally lives and which is characterised by physical conditions and the types of other organisms present, Intercropping - multiple cropping practice that involves growing two or more crops in proximity, Nitrogen fixing - A crop that is able to convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into nitrates in the plant,

A Level Biology Chapter 10- 10.2+10.3





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