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1) A client calls in and gives you the following number: (669) 255-2208, what do you do? They say they run Budget Dumpster in San Jose, and they can't remember their login info! a) Help Them! b) Take down their issue and send it to their account manager c) Transfer the call to partner support d) transfer the call to enterprise support e) Tell them their account is being managed by Budget Dumpster corporate and they should contact their regional manager f) Create a ticket in their account and assign it to Enterprise Support 2) You receive an email from requesting an assistance with processing listings, what do you do? a) Help him!  b) Tell them they do not have an active account and transfer them to sales c) Tell them to contact the appropriate partner who manages their account d) Tell them there is a duplicate account and their SMB location needs to be canceled. Then assign a ticket to Tier 2 e) Tell them they have a duplicate location and cancel the SMB second sign-up location yourself f) Respond to the email asking for their location information so that you can locate their account 3) You receive an email from about incorrect information on Yelp, what do you do? a) Tell her you need location information to assist in her request b) Fill out the transfer macro and transfer the ticket to the Enterprise Support group X c) Help her! d) Send an email to the account manager with her contact information and information about her issue e) Tell her to contact Reprise Media Corporate f) Tell her she doesn't have an account and give her the sales number 4) Someone calls in and give you the phone number: (970) 541-3337 and says they are calling from Madwire about The Weave Shop Hillside, what do you do? a) Tell them their account is being managed by Local Listing Ads b) Transfer them to partner support c) Tell them they don't have an account with us d) Transfer them to Enterprise Support e) Get too confused with the overflow of information and hang up on them and let someone else pick up the phone f) Help them! 5) You receive an email from with questions on adding a new location, what do you do? a) Tell them their account is inactive and they should reactive ASAP b) Respond with detailed instructions and screenshots c) User the transfer macro and assign the ticket to Global Partner Support X d) Send the Partner Client Macro filling out Hibu's information e) Call out to them to help, it's probably just easier to do this over the phone! f) Tell them you couldn't find an account with the name "Yell" 6) You receive an email from that looks like this: What do you do a) Opt out of his google listing and tell him he has full control b) Help him log into his Yext account so that he can update his information c) Send the partner client macro with OMG National's information filled out d) Transfer to partner support e) Send this to tier 2 to handle - they got those escalations in the BAG! f) Tell Giulia/Jenna and have them send this to legal 7) Janice from Birdeye won't give you a phone number, she just has a quick question! She wants to know "Jagger's Doggie Daycare" is signed up with so they can cancel to sign up with them, what should you do? a) Tell Janice she needs to talk to Partner support and transfer her b) Tell Janice, "Good News", this location is signed up with SMB, you can totes help with that c) Tell Janice you can't find that location anywhere! She's good to go! d) Ask Janice if she's calling from Jagger's Doggie Daycare because you don't know what Birdeye means e) Tell Janice to conference in the SMB owner so you can cancel their location for them f) Tell Janice you'll email the SMB AO a cancellation form 8) You receive a phone call, they say the following is the business' phone number: (701)238-4900, what do you do? a) Confirm the business they are calling from. You will transfer to Partner Support only if they say DexYP b) Confirm the business they are calling from. You will transfer to Partner Support if they say Crack Shack Chiropractic c) Ask what you can help with d) Tell them this account is managed by Supermedia and tell them to contact them e) Get confused at all the words you're seeing at the top of the page and cry f) Just cancel the location, it's a weird business name anyway 9) Someone calls in, they say the number associated with their account is (307) 265-5062. What do you do? They are calling from Doyle Johnson's Inc a) Tell them their account is managed by Hibu b) Tell them their account is managed by Dex c) Tell them their account is managed by RadiusOnline d) Tell them they do not have an active account with Yext e) Check with Tier 2 which is the right account as this is pretty confusing!! f) Just help them!  10) Linda from Party Blitz calls in and gives you the phone number: (805) 657-3105. What do you do? a) Tell Linda she's only got a Yahoo Free Basic account and to email b) Help Linda out! Gal needs some SUPPORT c) Tell Linda her account is managed by Yahoo Small Business and they would be the best point of contact d) That sounds like a big deal, she's probably an Enterprise customer. Don't even bother looking up that phone number bc you're like 99% sure e) Tell Linda you can't find an account and you need more information f) Tell Linda you're going to Transfer her to the Partner support team

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