Two - How many electrons can the 1st shell hold?, Orbital - A region around the nucleus that can hold up to two electrons with opposite spins, s,p,d,f - What are the 4 types of orbitals?, Spherical - What is the shape of a s-orbital?, Dumb bell shape - What is the shape of a p-orbital?, Three - How many orbitals does P subshell have?, Six - How many electrons can be held in a P subshell?, Five - How many orbitals are present in a d subshell?, Ten - How many electrons can be held in a d-sub shell?, The electrostatic attraction between positive and negative ions - Define ionic bonding, Electrostatic attraction between a shared pair of electrons and the nuclei - Define covalent bonding , Four - How many covalent bonds does carbon form?, Electrons in the outer shell that are not involved in the bonding - What is a lone pair?, Double bond - What is formed when atoms share two pairs of electrons?, A bond where both of the shared electrons are supplied by one atom - What is a dative covalent bond?,

Year 12 revision of bonding and electrons




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