topic sentence - The first sentence of a paragraph, introducing the main idea of the paragraph, in-text citation  - explicit mention in an essay of an author, who wrote a book or article. Usually this includes their surname and the year in which the work was published, concluding sentence - The final sentence of a paragraph, which sums up the main idea of the paragraph without adding details, body paragraph - a collection of sentences all on the same sub-topic. , reference list - a list at the end of an essay, listing every source that was mentioned in the essay and showing readers where they can find these, source - a book or article you have read, and that you mention in your essay (to provide evidence), research-based essay - an essay that is based on reading and research, not just based on opinion, draft - a first version of an piece of writing. it is usually checked and then revised before finalising, argument - the writer's point of view in an essay or presentation,

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