beach - Where people go to sunbathe. , vacation - When you get two months off from school., sunhat - Something you wear on your head to protect you from the sun., tan - When your skin gets darker because of the sun., sunglasses - Something you wear around your eyes to protect them from the sun., suitcase - Where you pack all of your items to go on vacation., watermelon - A typical fruit you eat in the summer that is green and red., sandcastles - You build these out of sand on the beach., bucket - A box you put the sand in when you're playing., swimsuit - The outfit you wear to go into the water., ocean - Where fish swim., air conditioner - When it is really hot inside, you turn this on., goggles - Something you wear around your eyes when you are swimming., ice cream - A type of dessert you eat to cool down., summer - The name of the season that is usually hot.,

Capitan Pomelo's Summer Crossword




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