Bread knife: The long blade with a serrated edge will cut through crusts and stacks of sandwiches without squashing them. Also good for splitting cakes in half., Paring Knife: This little knife copes with small or delicate jobs like finely chopping onions and garlic or coring fruit., Tomato or serrated knife: This is fantastic for peeling oranges and other citrus fruit, and for thinly slicing tomatoes as well as general vegetable prep. The serrated edge means it grips as it slices, Cooks or chef’s knife: This large all-purpose kitchen knife will tackle a large number of jobs, from finely chopping herbs and nuts; preparing meat and hard veg as well as precision cutting vegetables., Boning knife: For the serious or budget cook who likes to do a bit of butchery at home, this narrow, dagger-shaped knife will cut through ligaments, and remove bones and connective tissue.,

Match the knives to the food they prepare





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