1) Your mother has problems getting to sleep at night. 2) Your brother wants to learn to dance, but he's shy. 3) Your grandmother has a ghost in her house. 4) Your friend wants to buy a new car, but he/she doesn't have enough money. 5) Your uncle was looking after a friend's cat and now he can't find it. 6) Your teacher's computer isn't working well. It's very slow. 7) Your sister has almost finished school, but she doesn't know what kind of job she wants. 8) Your father wants to start working out, but he has a bad back. 9) Your neighbour's dog barks all the time. It's driving your flatmate crazy. 10) Your brother wants to quit smoking. 11) Your friend forgot his girlfriend's birthday yesterday. 12) Your grandfather has a terrible memory. He keeps forgetting things. 13) Your friend works very hard but is not getting paid enough. 14) Your best friend always arrives late to class. 15) Your sister won the lottery, but she doesn't know what to do with the money.


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