1) Your advice has always been extremely helpful. a) why b) has been c) next 2) I have just received your mail. a) why b) have received c) next 3) I have lost Misses Wilde’s phone number. a) why b) have lost c) next 4) We have agreed on the following points: xyz. a) why b) have agreed c) next 5) I have never been to our New York subsidiary. a) why b) have never been c) next 6) Misses Newton has already phoned three times to inquire about the delivery of her goods. a) why b) has phoned c) next 7) We are happy to inform you that we have established a new branch in Australia. a) why b) have established c) next 8) Anita Brown has already signed the contract. a) why b) has signed c) next 9) Have you received your order? a) why b) have received c) next 10) I`ve just printed out the letter. a) why b) have printed c) next 11) We`ve worked together for many years. a) why b) have worked c) next 12) My order hasn`t arrived yet. a) why b) hasn`t arrived c) next 13) So glad you`re here! I haven`t seen you for ages. a) why b) haven`t seen c) next 14) Have you seen that film before? a) why b) have seen c) next 15) Have you talked to Mr. Smith today? a) why b) have talked c) next 16) We have bought a new car this week. a) why b) have bought c) next 17) Have you heard anything from Ben recently? a) why b) have heard c) next 18) Everything is going well. There haven`t been any problems so far. a) why b) haven`t been c) next 19) Have you had a holiday this year? a) why b) have had c) next 20) We`ve been located here since 1990. a) why b) have been c) next 21) She’s been the HR Director since January. a) why b) has been c) next 22) I’ve known the client for 3 years. a) why b) have known c) next




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