1) Adam was absent ... the meeting this morning. a) at b) in c) from d) on 2) If you think you are qualified, you should apply ... the job. a) in b) for c) from d) at 3) My mum doesn't approve ... my new friends. a) of b) from c) for d) off 4) I object ... being treated like a baby! a) from b) at c) to d) of 5) Is your guess based ... facts or is it totally random? a) in b) at c) on d) to 6) I hate this job! I am not used ... waking up so early in the morning. a) for b) to c) in d) at 7) Jade's classmates wrongly accused her ... cheating. a) for b) of c) with d) on 8) Jack agreed ... take on a very difficult task. a) to b) with c) at d) for 9) "Don't argue ... me! Either we do it my way or I quit". a) for b) at c) to d) with 10) Everybody thanked Samantha but I think they were taking advantage ... her kindness. a) on b) of c) from d) for




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