Correct: download music, download a programme, download a patch, download a virus, log on to your email, log on to a laptop, log on to social media, print a document, print a PDF, chat online, chat to a helpdesk, chat on Whatsapp, follow someone on social media, switch on the computer, switch on the light, click on the mouse, click on the icon, click on the profile, type in your password, type in your DNI, type in your email address, visit a website, change your password, change your profile picture, change your bio, Incorrect: download to Facebook, download a laptop, download a website, log on to a virus, switch on a website, switch on a virus, chat to a virus, click on a helpdesk, follow a website, follow a document, follow yourself, type in your PDF, type in your document, visit a virus, visit a PDF, visit a log on, change your mouse, chat to your bio, print someone on Twitter, log into a website, switch in the computer, click in your mouse, download to music, log on in Facebook, print a Facebook,

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