police station - You go there or you call there when you need help. This is also where they take you when you do something bad or wrong., library - This place is full of information on many different subjects., fire station - The people who work there have a very dangerous job. They save people's lives and try to save their homes, too. , university - Many people go there from Monday to Friday to gain more knowledge., bank - Some people go into a building to use this service. Others use a machine that is on the wall outside. , museum - This place is full of interesting items that are important for people who want to learn about art and history., post office - We go to this place to send a letter or to buy stamps., hospital - This is where you go when you have health problems., cinema - This is where you go to watch the newest movie., petrol station - You stop there when your tank is nearly empty., stadium - This is a large place, usually without a roof, where people watch sports events or concerts., corner shop - A small shop that sells food and other products, often found on the corner of a street., factory - This is a building where goods are produced using machines., sports centre - a building where you can go to do different sports and other activities.,




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