1) Let's make a a) Ice cream b) Crab c) Sandcastle 2) Let's swim in the a) Ocean b) Living room c) House 3) Let's find a) Shells b) A yogurt c) Play 4) Let's play a) Beach b) Ball c) Hat 5) Let's put on a) Hat b) Sandcastle c) Sunscreen 6) Let's eat an a) Ice pop b) Ocean c) Bat 7) Let's find a a) Bug b) Crab c) Fish 8) Let's sit on the a) Beach b) Ocean c) Rug 9) Let's play a) Sandcastle b) Frisbee c) Fish 10) Let's take the a) Beach b) Ocean c) Sun 11) Let's drink a) Juice b) Ice pop c) Ice cream 12) Let's put on your a) Hat b) Frisbee c) Ball 13) Let's go in a a) Bat b) Ball c) Boat 14) Let's find a a) Cookie b) Crab c) Boat 15) Let's eat a) Ice cream b) Sunscreen c) Drinks




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