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Weight, mass and gravity - weight = mass x gravity, Force, spring constant and extension -  Force = spring constant x extension, Acceleration, change in velocity and time - acceleration = change in velocity/time, Momentum, mass and velocity - momentum = mass x velocity, Gravitational potential energy, mass, gravity and height - GPE = mass x gravity x height, Power, energy transferred and time - Power = Energy/time, Efficiency (power) - efficiency = Pout / Pin, Charge, current and time - Charge = current x time, Power, current and potential difference - Power = current x potential difference, Density, mass and volume - Density = mass/volume, Work done, force and distance - Work done = Force x distance, Speed, distance and time - Speed = distance/time, Resultant force, mass and acceleration - Force = mass x acceleration, Kinetic Energy, mass and speed - KE = (1/2) x mass x (speed)2, Efficiency (energy) - efficiency = Euseful, out / Etotal, in, Wave speed, frequency and wavelength - wave speed = frequency x wavelength, Resistance, potential difference and current - Resistance = potential difference/current, Power, current and resistance - Power = (current)2 x resistance, Energy transferred, charge and potential difference - Energy = charge x potential difference, Pressure, force and area (Triple) - Pressure = force/area, Moment, force and distance (Triple) - Moment = Force x distance,

Physics equations


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