1) She drives __ than her brother. a) faster b) more fast c) more fastly 2) His new book isn’t as good __ his last one. a) than b) that c) as 3) Women spend __ time cooking than in the past. a) less b) little c) fewer 4) Friday is __ day of the week. a) the busier  b) the busiest c) the most busy 5) It’s the __ road in the world. a) more dangerous b) dangerousest c) most dangerous 6) It’s the hottest country I’ve __ been to. a) never  b) always c) ever 7) My sister drinks __ coffee. a) too b) too much c) too many 8) These jeans are __ small. Do you have them one size bigger? a) too b) too much c) too many 9) You haven’t spent __on your homework. a) time enough b) enough time c) many time 10) They’re playing really badly. They __ the match. a) want win b) won’t win c) won't to win 11) A: My exam is today. B: Don’ worry. __. a) You'll pass b) You pass c) You’re passing 12) A: It’s cold in here. B: __ the window. a) I close b) I'm closing c) I'll close 13) They met for the first time when they __ in Madrid. a) were living b) are living c) was living 14) A: Have you been to the USA? B: Yes, I __ to New York last year. a) I've been b) went c) was going 15) A: __ today? B No, she’s on holiday. a) Does she work b) Is she working c) Will she work 16) I __ a lot of time playing games on my phone. a) waste b) lose 17) We __ lot of time sitting in our cars every day. a) spend  b) take 18) Can you __me 50 euros? a) borrow b) lend 19) I’m leaving tonight and I’m __ on Friday. a) coming  b) coming back 20) This is Ben. He's __ me to play the piano. a) teaching b) learning

Eng File Pre (3rd Ed) Revise and Check 5&6 PART ONE


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