1) Write the opposite verb: buy 2) Write the opposite verb: push 3) Write the opposite verb: remember 4) Write the opposite verb: pass 5) Write the opposite verb: teach 6) cr___ = (adj) full of people or things 7) s___ = (adj) opposite of dangerous 8) n___ =(adj) opposite of quiet (for a place) 9) s___ = (adj, noun) opposite of north 10) m___ = (noun) a building where you can see old things 11) p___ = (noun) the place where a king or queen lives 12) m___ = (noun) a religious building for Muslims 13) b___ = (noun) you have 206 of these in your body 14) br___ = (noun) the organ we use to think 15) sk___ = (noun) it covers the outside of your body 16) What is the missing preposition:  My husband’s always late. He’s never ___ time for anything. 17) What is the missing preposition: Are you interested ___ this TV programme? 18) What is the missing preposition: When I was a child I was afraid ___ dogs. 19) What is the missing preposition:  I’d really like to be good ___ dancing 20) What is the missing preposition: Eating too many sweets and biscuits is bad ___ you.

Eng File Pre (3rd Ed) Revise and Check 5&6 PART TWO


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