phlogiston - Debunked theory to explain why materials rust or burn., Galvani - Some people eat frog's legs. Some preferred to make them twitch., miasma - Alleged cause of epidemics. Bad air., John Snow - Celebrated doctor remembered for groundbreaking work on Broad Street. Debunked prevailing theory of miasma as the carrier of disease., Mercury - Seems neither one thing or the other. Elemental. Used in first prototype for what ultimately makes the world move around. Mythical speedy deliverer., Antikythera - Earliest analogue computer. Related to an Ionian island. Amazing engineering for the time though the accuracy suffered the same challenges as Babbage had with implementing his Difference Engine, Hollerith - Semi-automated a 10 yearly process in the US. Stood on the shoulders of giants, specifically a Frenchman's loom. Like comic book superheroes this innovative inventor and statistician had the same letter starting their first and second name., US Census - Customer that inspire the first of many revolutionary input (may even call storage) and processing technologies., Hella - Has dominion of Helheim and the arbiter of those who passed away from sickness or old age., Frankenstein - Born of a lakeside story challenge. Creation and creator often confused., Prometheus - Supposedly intelligent Titan always up for a challenge who's liver paid for it (repeatedly). Also, another name for another answer here., Jupiter - Name of both the chief deity of the Roman gods and also the solar system planet with over 70 moons., Fibonacci - Transformed Italian commerce by promoting the use of Hindu-Arabic numerals system instead of Roman numerals. Today remembered for a sequence associated with calculating the growth of a population of rabbits., Lovelace - Mathematical child prodigy who saw the potential in the (as yet unbuilt) Analytical Engine for more than mere calculation. Considered to be the first programmer., Sinclair - Responsible for producing affordable devices and home computers which played a big part in Britain's first computing boom.,





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