1) HAVE YOU EVER ___________ ABROAD? a) be b) been c) beed 2) HAVE YOU EVER _______________ BY PLANE? a) traveled b) travel c) traveling 3) HAVE YOU EVER ______________ MONEY OR SOMETHING IMPORTANT? a) losed b) lose c) lost 4) HAVE YOU EVER _____________ MONEY? a) found b) find c) finding 5) HAVE YOU EVER __________ SOMETHING DIFFERENT? a) eaten b) ate c) eat 6) HAVE YOU EVER _________ LOST? a) being b) been c) be 7) HAVE YOU EVER ___________ SOMETHING USELESS? a) bought b) buy c) buyed 8) HAVE YOU EVER ______________ A HORSE? a) ride b) rided c) ridden 9) HAVE YOU EVER HAD A SURPRISE PARTY? a) haved b) had c) have 10) HAVE YOU EVER __________ A FAMOUS PERSON? a) met b) meet c) meeting 11) HAVE YOU EVER ______________ A BONE? a) broke b) broken c) brake 12) HAVE YOU EVER __________ TO YOUR TEACHER? a) lie b) lied c) lying




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