1) When it's time to wake up school days ... a) I choose to go back to sleep. b) I choose to wake up and get ready. c) I choose to snooze my alarm, then go back to sleep. 2) When there's only vegetable on the table ... a) I choose to ask mom/mbak to cook another food. b) I choose to eat, but grumble. c) I choose to eat my veggies, I realize that's healthy. 3) When I'm not in the mood to study ... a) I choose to take a break for a while. b) I choose to ignore my feeling and continue study. c) I don't know what to do. 4) When I don't understand my lesson ... a) I choose to ask my teacher. b) I choose to google the answer. c) I choose to complain. 5) When my parents can't accompany me during lesson ... a) It's okay, because I am trusted. b) I depend on them, so I need them badly. c) Whatever. 6) When my teachers are teaching during HBL ... a) I'm opening another apps, but I'm still listening. b) Put 100% effort to listen even though it's boring.  c) Whatever. 7) When it is time for independent practice/asynchronous ... a) I do it right away. b) I ignore it, playing is a lot better. c) I can do it later. 8) When I finished doing my test/assignment ... a) I choose to submit it directly. b) I choose to check and recheck before submission. c) I choose to ask my parents, my brothers, my sisters, embak, encus, pak rt and pak rw before submission. 9) When get a bad score ... a) I choose to check my work, discuss it with my parents, then to my teachers. b) I am sad. c) It's okay, there will be another test. It's just a number. 10) When I see my friend is better than me ... a) I see my self is bad/ugly b) I see that everyone has strength and weakness. c) I have to be better than my friends. 11) When I have a group discussion with my friends ... a) I actively participate, because my opinions count. b) I choose to keep silent. c) I don't know what to do. 12) When a friend ask my opinion about something ... a) I just ignore. They just bugging me. b) I'll try to answer according to what I know. c) I don't know what to do.





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