1) What is the girl called in the story? a) Grenny b) Gretel c) Hansel 2) What is the boy called? a) Hansel b) Harry c) Gretel 3) Their stepmother wanted to get rid of the children because the family was...? a) Too big b) Too poor c) Too lazy 4) The adults wanted the children to get lost in the....? a) woods b) supermarket c) gingerbread house 5) What did the children use to help them find their way home? a) map b) pebbles c) satnav 6) The next time, what did the children use to find their way home? a) breadcrumbs b) pebbles c) map 7) Oh no! Why were the breadcrumbs gone? a) Hansel ate them b) Birds ate them c) Gretel ate them 8) What was the witch's house made from? a) Gingerbread b) Brick c) Wood 9) How did the children escape from the witch? a) They called their dad b) Locked her in an oven c) Locked her in a cage 10) They lived happily ever after because? a) The stepmother was gone. b) They were rich. c) They found the breadcrumbs.

Hansel and Gretel comprehension quiz





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