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Natural selection - The process by which evolution happens or 'survival of the fittest'. , Evolution - The theory that states that all species on Earth came from a common ancestor millions of years ago. , Charles Darwin - The scientists who came up with the theory of evolution., Genes - These are parts of DNA that contain instructions for characteristics like hair or eye colour., Offspring - Another word for an animal's young ('children'). , Inherited characteristics - Features, like hair and eye colour, that are passed on to offspring. , Extinction - A word that means when all of an animal species dies out. , Fossils  - Preserved remains of animals. Proved that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago. , Species - A word that means a 'unique sort of animal'. , Finches - The bird species that helped Darwin develop his theory of evolution by natural selection. ,

Y8 extinction (genes key words) starter/settler


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