to munch - eat sth noisily, to chew - crush food with the teeth, to snack - eat food between meals, to fast - to go without food for a period of time, to nibble - to eat sth by taking a lot of small bites, to tuck into (sth) - (informal) to start eating sth noisily, to skip a meal - go without a meal, to consume - (formal) to eat or drink something, to devour - to eat something eagerly in large amounts so there is nothing left, to lick - move the tongue across the surface of sth, to binge - eat a lot of sth in a short space of time, to chew (something) over - think carefully about sth for a long time, intravenously - though a vein, to take the biscuit - (informal) sb or sth does this when they have done sth annoying or surprising, to be your bag - (informal) be sth you're interested in, wake up and smell the coffee - (informal) used to tell sb they're wrong about a situation and they must realise what's happening, (to give sb) food for thought - make sb think seriously about sth,




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