1) Who discovered new lands in Canada in 1497? a) Queen Elizabeth I b) John Cabot c) Isambard Kingdom Brunel d) Christopher Columbus 2) Where did the British Empire take over? a) Parts of Europe, America/South America and the Caribbean (The West Indies), India (East Indies) and Africa b) Parts of Europe and Africa c) Parts of America/South America and the Caribbean (The West Indies), India (East Indies) and Africa d) Parts of Europe, America/South America and Africa 3) Why did The British Empire take over parts of America? a) America had Native American Indians who would work for free b) Americans spoke the same language as us c) America was a very rich country d) America was valuable because of the large areas of unused land 4) What was the main trade product from Africa? a) Slaves b) Cotton c) Tea d) Tobacco 5) What began in the 1600s when Elizabeth I gave merchants permission to trade in the Indies and India? a) The India Trading Company b) The Great Indian War c) The East India Trading Post d) The West India Trading Post 6) Why were conquests to discover new lands and products unethical? a) It caused many wars b) All native people did not like the British Empire c) Important relics from a variety of cultures were taken by the British and have still not been returned d) Native languages were forced to stop and only English could be spoken 7) What is important when using our historical knowledge of the British Empire? a) To empathise with native people and question our actions b) To remember why we conquered the countries c) To empathise with local people d) To know that Britain was the best 8) How is the Commonwealth different to the British Empire? a) It is not, they are the same thing b) It is voluntary and is built to unite countries c) The Commonwealth includes less countries d) The Commonwealth dictates language, religion and culture

The British Empire - Key Knowledge Quiz




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