1) Why did the king of England start to tax the colonists? a) He wanted more money to make England look better. b) He needed money to pay the debt from the French and Indian War. c) He needed money to pay for sending soldiers to Boston during the Coercive Acts. d) He did not like the colonists and wanted to punish them for being bad. 2) The _____________________ taxed wills, newspapers, playing cards, and other printed materials a) Stamp Act b) Intolerable Act c) Coercive Act d) Townshend Act 3) Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? a) George Washington b) Thomas Jefferson c) John Adams d) Benjamin Franklin 4) 5. What movement, that stressed the right of the people to govern and have their rights protected, influenced the desire of the Colonies to revolt and become their own nation? a) The Renaissance b) The Market Revolution c) The Enlightenment d) The Industrial Revolution 5) What treaty ended the American Revolutionary War? a) The Treaty of Philadelphia in 1783 b) The Treaty of London in 1783 c) The Treaty of Boston in 1783 d) The Treaty of Paris in 1783 6) What was the first document that formed the basis of how the federal government of the USA would operate? a) The Constitution b) The Judiciary Act of 1789 c) The Articles of Confederation d) The Bill of Rights 7) What type of government did many colonists want for the new USA? a) A monarchy b) A dictatorship c) A republic d) A theocracy 8) The Bill of Rights includes the Freedom of Speech. Which Enlightenment thinker strongly urged the for the government protection of this particular freedom? a) Locke b) Montesquieu c) Rousseau d) Voltaire  9) Any changes to the Constitution are added to the __________________. a) Preamble b) Conclusion c) Articles d) Amendments 10) The Bill of Rights protect the rights of ______________. a) Governors b) Individuals c) States d) Senators

American Revolution Maze Game





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