1) __________ is a mango. a) That b) These c) Those 2) ___________ is a pencil. a) That b) This c) These 3) What are _________? a) This b) That c) These d) those 4) Đây là quả cam. a) This is my orange. b) That is an orange. c) This is an orange. 5) Đây là những chiếc xe hơi mới. a) This is a new car. b) These are new cars c) These are cars new. 6) ____________ are books. a) This b) That c) These d) Those 7) Is that a dolphin? a) Yes, that is. b) Yes, it is. c) No, it isn't. d) Yes, they are. 8) Are these flowers? a) Yes, these are. b) No, they aren't. c) Yes, they aren't. d) Yes, they are. 9) What is that? a) Yes, that is a bus. b) It is a bus. c) This is a bus. d) Yes, it is. 10) What are these? a) This is an eraser. b) These aren't erasers. c) These are erasers d) Those are erasers.




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