1) The purpose of the text is to invite you... a) To attend Mr. and Mrs. Sembiring's marriage b) To unite Alice and Jeffry in a wedding party c) To attend Alice and Jeffry's wedding party d) To marry with Mr. and Mrs. Sembiring 2) Which statement is TRUE based on the text? a) The party will be held on June 13th, 2008 b) Jeffry Sitorus is Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sembiring's son c) The party will be sponsored by Gajah Wong Restaurant d) Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sembiring will celebrate their anniversary 3) Where is the party? a) At a garden b) At the school c) Kahfi Residence d) Suhito's Home 4) The party will be held... a) In the morning b) In the afternoon c) In the evening d) At night 5) Which statement is true based on the text? a) Mr. and Mrs. Sudjiatmojo held this party for themselves b) Yuniar Bestiana has just finished her postgraduate study c) People should call Desi to see Yuniar Bestiana d) This party will be held for Desi 6) "In 'celebrating' the graduation of... The bold word has the closest meaning with... a) Blame b) Honor c) Deny d) Neglect 7) From the text, we can infer that... a) Desi Bestiana is going to deliver a baby b) The party will be held in the morning c) Desi Bestiana has delivered a baby boy d) Desi Bestiana is going to be a mother 8) Our mommy is 'expecting' a girl. What does the bold word mean? a) Recognizing b) Admitting c) Waiting for d) Confessing 9) When will the meeting be held? a) On Sunday, August 8, 2017 b) On Saturday, August 8, 2017 c) On Friday, June 8, 2017 d) On Saturday, June 8, 2017 10) Based on the text, we know that .… a) The meeting will be held in the school hall b) If you cloud not come, you should call Nazmi c) The meeting only invites the committee d) The meeting will be held in the morning

Formal Invitation Multiple Choices





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