1) I _____________ to Paris last month a) went b) had gone c) was going 2) I __________ soccer when it started to rain a) was playing b) were playing c) played d) had played e) had been playing 3) I _______________ studying before my mother arrived a) had been playing b) was playing c) played 4) Don ________________ then he went to Jakarta a) had been to Paris b) went to Paris c) was going to Paris 5) Juliette __________ her keys last night a) lost b) had lost c) was losing 6) Ruan ____________________ when I told him to stop a) was playing b) had been playing 7) Joshua ______________ for some months in a new software when I decided to help him a) had been working b) had worked c) has worked 8) Jose __________________ to Paris a) has been b) went 9) Julio ____________________ to his house before he went to the party a) had been b) had gone 10) Donna ________________ to L.A last month a) went b) has been




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