1) Jess is ... nurse in a hospital. ... hospital is a long way from her house. a) a, a b) a, the c) the, the d) the, a 2) What ... ! We'll have to eat our picnic in ... . a) a horrible day, the car b) the horrible day, the car c) a horrible day, a car d) the horrible day, a car 3) My wife likes ... but I prefer ... a) love stories, war films b) the love stories, the war films 4) We go to ... about once ... . a) a theatre, a month b) the theatre, the month c) the theatre, a month 5) I'm having ... with some friends ... Friday. a) dinner, the next b) the dinner, the next c) dinner, next 6) My boyfriend is ... . I think he's ...................in the world. a) chef, best cook b) a chef, the best cook 7) I'm not sure if l closed ... before l left ... this morning. a) the windows, home b) windows, home c) the windows, the home 8) In general, I like ..., but I don't like ... that Iive next door to me. a) dogs, dogs b) dogs, the dogs c) the dogs, the dogs 9) l got to ... late every day ... . a) the school, last week b) the school, the last week c) school, last week 10) l think ... is more important than ... a) happiness, success b) the happiness, the success




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