We'll celebrate if dad gets the job, If my sister has children, I'll be an aunt!, I'll buy a house near the beach if I earn a lot of money., If you buy a laptop, you will not need new speakers., If the rain doesn't stop, we won't go camping., I will not go out tonight if there is something good on TV., If you do not do your homework, you will be in trouble., If you wear those clothes, people will look at you., If you play that song again, he will not be happy, I will visit you if you go to hospital., If you do not hurry, you will not have time for lunch., If I see his CD, I'll buy it., She won't go to university if she does not study., If we go to the city, we will visit the museum., If my brother gets the job, he will earn extra money., If she fails her exams, she will not go to university., If she goes to university, she'll study art., If they have enough money, they will see a film., If I become a taxi driver, I will drive a pink taxi., If you pass your exams, your parents will be happy..

Motivate 2 - Unit 7 First conditional: Affirmative and Negative (WB p69 exs 1 to 03)




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